2022 Ford Transit-150 Cargo Safety Features

When it comes to the well-being of you and your team, we know you don’t compromise. That’s why the 2022 Ford Transit-150 Cargo takes safety to the next level, providing an array of features designed to keep you secure and confident behind the wheel. In this article, we’ll explore the top safety features of this incredible workhorse and show you why the 2022-150 Cargo is the safest choice for your business. Let’s get started!

Safety Starts with a Solid Foundation: The Ford Transit-150 Cargo’s Structure

The 2022 Ford Transit-150 Cargo is built on a robust platform designed to protect its occupants in case of collisions or rollovers. Key structural safety highlights include:

  1. High-strength steel frame: Provides a strong foundation for added durability and crash protection.
  2. Body-on-frame construction: Further enhances the vehicle’s crash-worthiness.
  3. Side-impact and rollover protection: High-strength steel reinforced pillars and advanced body structure designs minimize intrusion in case of accidents.

All Eyes on the Road: Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

The 2022 Ford Transit-150 Cargo is equipped with the Ford Co-Pilot360™ suite of advanced driver-assistance technologies, empowering you to stay alert and aware on the road. Here’s what Ford Co-Pilot360™ brings to the table:

  1. Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB): Scans the road ahead and warns you about potential collisions. Can apply the brakes automatically if necessary.
  2. Lane-Keeping System: Helps you stay in your lane by detecting unintended lane departures and providing gentle steering corrections.
  3. Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) with Cross-Traffic Alert: Notifies you when a vehicle enters your blind spot or when oncoming traffic is detected while reversing.
  4. Rear View Camera: Makes backing up safer by displaying a clear, wide-angle view of what’s behind your van.
  5. Auto High-Beam Headlamps: Automatically switches between high and low beams depending on the traffic conditions.

Total Control: Stability and Traction Features

The 2022 Ford Transit-150 Cargo is designed to keep you in control on the road, regardless of the conditions. Key stability and traction-enhancing features include:

  1. Electronic Stability Control (ESC): Helps maintain vehicle stability by automatically adjusting engine power and braking individual wheel if needed.
  2. Traction Control: Prevents wheel-spin by reducing engine power and applying the brakes to the affected wheel.
  3. Roll Stability Control (RSC): Reduces the risk of rollovers by applying the brakes and reducing engine power if the system detects an imminent rollover.
  4. Available All-Wheel Drive (AWD): Enhances grip and control on slippery or uneven road surfaces.

Protective Bubble: Airbags and Occupant Safety Features

The 2022 Ford Transit-150 Cargo shields its occupants with a comprehensive set of airbags and safety features, providing an added layer of protection. These include:

  1. Dual-stage front airbags: Adjust deployment force according to crash severity and occupant position.
  2. Side-curtain airbags: Protect your head and upper body during a side-impact collision.
  3. Thorax airbags: Further enhance side-impact protection for front seat occupants.
  4. Safety Canopy® System: Provides rollover protection and coverage for multiple-row seating.
  5. Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS): Alerts you when tire pressure is too low, safeguarding against flats or blowouts.

Child Safety: Because Every Life Matters

The 2022 Ford Transit-150 Cargo doesn’t overlook the importance of child safety. Its key child protection features are:

  1. Lower Anchors and Tethers for CHildren (LATCH) System: Secures child seats in place with ease, ensuring safe transportation of your youngest passengers.
  2. Child-proof rear door locks: Prevents little hands from opening the rear doors while the vehicle is in motion.

In Conclusion

The 2022 Ford Transit-150 Cargo goes the extra mile in ensuring the safety of its occupants, backed by its strong build, advanced assistance technologies, and occupant protection features. It delivers confidence and peace of mind, so you can focus on what matters most: your work and your business.

Choose the 2022 Ford Transit-150 Cargo as the safest option for you and your team. With its blend of innovative safety features, you won’t have to worry about compromising your well-being on the road. Happy and safe driving!

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